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Our statement of qualifications is submitted to you to provide detailed information about our firm and the many ways in which we can be of service during your asbestos related activities. Our professional staff includes personnel licensed and certified in the areas of asbestos inspections, management planning, abatement project design and air sample analysis. With our training and experience, we are able to consult in virtually all aspects of asbestos problems, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Building material surveys to determine the location(s) within your building of asbestos-containing building materials.
  • Development and implementation of an operation and maintenance program designed specifically to meet your particular needs, providing regularly scheduled monitoring as well as on-site visual inspections of all identified asbestos-containing building materials.

Building Inspection Services

EAI personnel have been involved in the asbestos inspection of more than 700 buildings, including, but not limited to, municipal power plants, educational facilities and houses.

The typical asbestos building inspection would include the following:

  • Meeting with the building owner or their representative
  • On-site inspection of facility to include;
    • Identifying and measuring all areas of building
    • Inventory of each area for suspect materials
    • Collect bulk samples as needed (quantity is determined by EPA protocol)
    • Prepare written inspection report including recommendations

Project Design Services

EAI has designed and managed more than 600 asbestos abatement projects of virtually all sizes. By working closely with our clients, we are able to provide top quality, cost effective, project designs and specifications.

Remediation Project Design and Specifications typically include the following sections:

  • Summary of Work
  • Project coordination
  • Definitions and standards
  • Codes and regulations
  • Schedules, reports and payments
  • Air monitoring and on-site sample analysis

Project Management and Air Monitoring/Analysis

Asbestos abatement projects can be somewhat unique. Because of this, the project management activities must be flexible as well. The “normal” abatement project would include the following project management activities:

  • Help the client in the preparation of project Request-For-Bids
  • Conduct the pre-bid conference and walk-thru with prospective contractors
  • On-site pre-construction meeting with abatement contractor
  • Daily on-site project management to include all daily air monitoring/analysis
  • Final air clearance of all containments
  • Compilation of project close-out manual


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